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I totally apologize. The Assassination of Gianni Versace. In fact, across almost every metric, cutting across almost every sector, inclusivity was up in over Mea culpa. As the GLAAD report these findings come from points out, there is still ground to be gained, and with all the characters currently in their count that are planned to be absent next year, every inch of that ground will be hard-fought. Still, what a year for inclusive storytelling. Plenty of individual series from rose to the progressively-charged challenge of our particular cultural moment— Dietland , Pose , Brooklyn Nine-Nine , Chilling Adventures of Sabrina —but it is on the network level that real change in both culture and the industry will happen, and on the network level, things are… strained.

How strained? Well, look at the fact that The CW above was objectively—and proudly! This is terrific! This is not the first time The CW has been embroiled in controversy of late, either: The news follows harassment allegations in involving a producer at Supergirl and Arrow , who was subsequently fired. Another post rounding up the major reporting on the harassment, assault and abuse at CBS. All this to say: Nichification has happened.

Sentiment around the television industry

The sea of television available to us all now, while the world burns, is so vast that the only way to keep from drowning is by hopping across a few variously interconnected archipelagos. To you, then, I say: Friends! Hear the good news! Typical ratings on broadcast networks are half of what they were just five years ago, and, by the end of the current broadcast season, MAGNA expects the average primetime rating adults to be under 1.

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In , the average American between was consuming 35 hours of video entertainment per week, 32 hours of which were live television an all-time high. Meanwhile, the demand from advertisers remains robust.

4 Television Technology Trends to Watch

In fact, in , a number of TV-centric verticals food, drinks, personal care, pharmaceuticals, film releases not only maintained the share of national television in their advertising budgets but increased it. In a good year e. But that wasn't the case in as the ratings crisis worsened. National television advertising sales were down Summer Olympics of Television sales houses can mitigate the stagnation in traditional linear ad sales by better monetizing digital on-demand viewing platforms e. That growth, however, is not enough to offset the bigger erosion in traditional TV ad sales and stabilize total, cross-screen television advertising revenues.

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Next year we will see many more industry players moving in this direction. After all, these companies have long-term billing relationships with end consumers, making them a natural choice for users who are looking to manage all their services through one subscription. As change in digital TV markets accelerates, we face a huge challenge.

A new world of content and advertising possibilities

Traditional architecture solutions cannot keep up with demand. Microservices architectures, with dedicated components for the new capabilities offer a more agile approach. We can quickly build a portfolio of services to provide the new capabilities and deploy it at scale using Kubernetes.

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  5. But this comes with an exponential increase in system complexity. Chaos engineering accepts this. Instead of waiting for unexpected major system outages, chaos engineering conducts proactive, planned tests that force failures in the live system and observes the outcome.

    MIPTrends - The Biggest Trends in TV

    This allows us to detect the brittle points in the architecture and take the appropriate action to significantly improve system reliability and resilience and give end users a better experience. Machine learning and deep learning are two branches of Artificial Intelligence that will continue to boom in the entertainment sector in , as a result of the success enjoyed by giants like Spotify and Netflix in their respective markets. With the huge and growing amount of content available to consumers, one of the key business aspects is being able to predict the content that a user wants to watch, based on their preferences and habits as well as the time, day of the week and the device they use.

    This level of personalisation would be impossible without the intervention of AI. While it is true that it is far from being a perfect science, there is no doubt that in the near future we will see more industry players opting for a trend which is well and truly here to stay. Content consumption habits this year have shown a growing preference towards the use of connected devices which facilitate video streaming on traditional television, to the detriment of personal devices. To provide services for these connected devices, in addition to smartphones, tablets and laptops, will bring with it new challenges to every player of the video streaming chain, due to the heterogeneous requirements imposed by each platform in terms of coding, packaging and DRM.

    Reducing the time taken to access content will become more relevant, and will require optimisation on every level: video segmentation, paying special attention to the size of both segments and playlists; CDN; and the adjustment of different video player parameters. In a constantly changing pay TV ecosystem, it is necessary to secure both the adaptability and scalability of the service.

    12222 TV Preview: Watch For These Five Programming Trends

    Being able to minimise costs and deployment time is vital, which makes the role of the system integrator and the existence of a partner-friendly environment very important. The SaaS approach meets all of these requirements, meaning that the migration from a technological architecture to one of services is, therefore, essential. This implicates changing the development to create an ecosystem of APIs to facilitate the deployment and total integration of an innovation in a user-centric environment, allowing personalisation, market synergies and minimise risk for the operator.

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