Toward a Sustainable Water Future: Visions for 2050

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New initiative will help establish pathways to attain the UN Sustainable Development Goals

This Commission was set up in A Sustainable Development Strategy was drafted in highlighting 20 priority areas which the NCSD considered as warranting foremost attention for the attainment of sustainable development goals in Malta. During the year , the Maltese Parliament promulgated a legislative framework through which government can integrate sustainable development in its operations as well as raising awareness on sustainable development issues across all strata and sectors of government and society in general.

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Sustainable development is a long-term, inter-generational process and Malta has been working on a vision which goes beyond the Agenda Sustainable development is not a stand-alone discipline that can be achieved single-handedly but requires all Ministries to tailor their actions along the principles of sustainable development and in line with achieving the targets set out in the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The main aim is to formulate a clear direction for the long-term development of the Maltese Islands, which defines our strategic focus and outlines the image of our islands that we all want to see in the future.

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The Vision itself answers the question of why we need to think about the future today. It motivates us to face the challenges of the modern world and helps us achieve common objectives, while also giving meaning to our actions. This Vision is being structured and designed on the following key normative governance principles for steering sustainable development:.

In this way,. Malta will be able to mitigate against greenhouse gas emissions GHG thereby reducing its vulnerabilities, and increasing its adaptive capacity, to climate change. The second normative governance principle embraces the Safeguarding Our Environment. The Vision seeks to enhance the sustainability and resilience of communities and territories through enhanced green infrastructure; protecting landscapes as well as biodiversity; and the secure and sufficient supply of low-carbon energy and water resources.

It is foreseen that in support of decarbonisation Malta will continue to invest in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects mainly by further exploiting solar energy photovoltaic and solar water heaters , heat pumps, biofuels, and energy recovery from waste.

Our Priorities

Enhancing sustainability implies the appropriate use of natural resources both for the immediate and distant future. Our vision for biodiversity and ecosystem services is that by these are more effectively protected, valued and in so far as possible restored for their intrinsic value and for the benefit of society. Social Cohesion and Wellbeing is the third normative governance principle aiming to have a dignified life for the entire population, so that everyone is enabled to fulfil his or her potential within a healthy environment.

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Cosgrove, President, EcoConsult Inc. Toward a Sustainable Water Future: Visions for showcases the opinions of more than 50 experts who draw an optimistic picture of environmental and water resource conditions and issues midway through the 21st century. These authorities-distinguished professionals in environmental and water resources engineering, ecology, economics, and law-describe the pathways that could transform today's visions into future reality.

Each chapter addresses a specific issue in water resources planning and policy, education, or science and technology and identifies the steps to shape a future of water security and sustainability. This collection of essays challenges readers to consider how society can manage natural and cultural resources to benefit present and future generations. It will be of particular interest to students, educators and practitioners in water resource engineering, as well as planners, environmental managers, and government officials at all levels. Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions Bestsellers in Physics.

Dr. David Chanasyk, Water Management, A Vision for 2050

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