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But in the quiet of a cave, sitting before a man who genuinely seeks the Truth, his words would be very different.

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When he is with others, he attempts to show off, while making all attempts to conceal his intentions. One whose self-conflicts, should they exist, center around his own internal detections of ego, rather than from the shame of having been caught displaying it to others. One who has nothing to give to or take from humans, having seen that there is nothing they can possibly give to him.

One who lives in a quiet and innocent shame for not yet having naturally arrived at what Buddha and Jesus did. One who believes neither in his own goodness or badness. Recognizing that any and all self-images are but shameless lies. The Veil A man may travel the far corners of the Earth, and find not a single genuine human. Stand witness to a social gathering. Should you have the eyes and the heart to see it, And you will find not a single true human in the room.

ReOrienting the Veil

Laughter hides pain. Smiles conceal wounds.

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Intelligence conceals insecurities. In some ways, a human longs for nothing more than to be Seen. In other ways, it is his greatest fear. Listen to the words being spoken. They are a word salad. Predictable reactions to trite statements. Hyperinflated joy.

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Forced laughter. Mock kindness. A husband and wife demonstrating an heir of matrimonial harmony. Concealing the years of discord. The lonely type, seeking companionship. Every social gathering is an escape from pain, and a salacious bid at pleasure. Humans spend their lives hiding from themselves. The Truth is, neither of them knows. But they cannot bring themselves to admit this. What a great luxury spirituality has provided.

It is no wonder that it has become all the rage. The ten commandments can be had for even less. But Buddha and Jesus are not Buddha and Jesus only in public.

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Your neurochip feeds you the trajectory of the unequivocal sentence of death speeding your way as your eyes swivel in their machined sockets. Juice crashes through your veins. You've only got a split second to make a move.

What do you do? At its heart, the Apocalypse World engine uses 2d6 to determine in which direction the story heads and with how much difficulty a character accomplishes what they set out to do, if at all. States as stats. Six emotional states urge players to stay in sync with their characters and add evocative details; when a player triggers a move they must think about what state their character is in so that they can add the appropriate modifier. Obligation as a debt system.


Duty, obligation, and face play important roles in the setting and have mechanics that support them. Playbooks that contribute to the fiction , and that are tied to certain elements of it, push players to take the lead and have authority over elements central to their character.

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Tags as fictional positioning; an easy, flavorful way to modify cybernetics and technology, how the characters interact with the world, and speed up character creation. Beliefs as advancement. Protagonists are constantly changing, reevaluating how they see the world, and being rewarded for it. Support for MCs designing scenarios that aim to get at the heart of important questions about humanity and being at the heart of all classic cyberpunk media.

Of course, there is also a set of basic moves to facilitate cinematic, cyberpunk gaming, relationships and cred to flesh out the world, and everything else you'd expect from a game Powered by the Apocalypse. That said, there are some assumptions that the game makes. All of these concepts can be tweaked and require the players to define how they work in their world. Everyone is always plugged in to a form of mixed reality, called The Veil, which sits atop the physical world.