The Untold Story of Joslynns Exorcism

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The director hints throughout the film at her reasons for taking the job, but never gives away too much at once, leaving it to the audience to try and piece together the rest of the puzzle. Enoch played by Henry Hopper , struggling to cope with the loss of his parents in an accident, likes to crash funerals dressed in gothic attire.

His best friend is Hiroshi, the ghost of a kamikaze pilot why, I have no idea ; they like to play Battleship together, but the pilot always wins. Annabel Mia Wasikowska is dying from a brain tumour, although she keeps this information to herself when she first meets Enoch at the funeral home. She reads books on Darwin and birds, they play Operation, and Enoch toys with a slinky while waiting in the hospital for news from Annabel.

For his 39th film, Frederick Wiseman has taken a close look behind the scenes of the famous Parisian cabaret club, which, since its foundation in , offers a burlesque show billed as celebrating both beautiful women and the art of the nude. After a first glance into the dressing rooms, a gently moving camera follows a couple of catchy on-stage performances.

Wiseman records the long, tiring hours of practices, staff meetings and heady discussions about lighting design and budget constraints, and costume-fitting sessions followed by more rehearsals and repetition. Working precisely with the curiosity of an anthropologist and the eye of an aesthete, Wiseman manages once again to achieve what any ordinary observer would fail to do: making the boredom of routine work captivating.

The 17th edition of the Etrange Festival celebrated psychotronic and gore cinema with two nights devoted respectively to grindhouse and the Sushi Typhoon label. Nicolas Guichard. Surreal Dutch neo- noir Meat , a film concerned with the flesh in all its forms, owes its existence in part to the generosity of a local butcher with a passion for cinema, and to that of lead actor Titus Muizelaar. A famous TV actor in his native Netherlands, Muizelaar gave up his holiday time for three consecutive summers to play a part that has since won him a lead actor gong at the Deboshir film festival in St Petersburg.

The former provided the lamb, beef and pork — as well as the hands that chop it on screen. The latter plays both a lugubrious detective, coping dispassionately with the sudden suicide of his former partner, and a butcher, grunting and rutting amid the hanging carcasses of his own cold storage like a randy bull. In between the two, Nellie Benner plays Roxy, a young girl seduced, abused and abandoned by seemingly every man she meets.

But the real star is undoubtedly the meat itself: chops, steaks and cubed beef heart, filmed in loving close-up, as erotic as any living flesh on the screen. The narrative unfolds with the logic of a dream, drifting wantonly and waywardly into abrupt changes of time, pace and style.

A carnal film, both literally and viscerally, with its heart not so much on its sleeve, as on its plate. Robert Barry. Salue le diable de ma part Saluda al diablo de mi parte , , dir Juan Felipe Orozco. He lives with his daughter in a somewhat shabby flat until one day one of his former victims kidnaps his daughter and gives him three days to eliminate the members of his ex-group. Sometimes the border is the best vantage point for viewing territories on either side. In one particular scene we can see the crossover quite precisely.

In the midst of a blackout, ordinary citizens are spontaneously looting and running amok. The blackout has caused the sophisticated electronic locking system of the psychiatric hospital to break down and release four homicidal lunatics who walk into this chaos, one of them wearing a hockey mask. It is as though Jason from Friday the 13th had wandered onto the set of Dawn of the Dead Friday the 13th part III , the first of the series in which we see Jason Vorhees in a hockey mask, was released just three months before Alone in the Dark , so we can probably rule out any deliberate reference on either part.

The Book Your Church Doesn't Want You to Read

But the boundary gradually becomes blurred and porous, as if the unconscious was pouring into reality. This, perhaps, is what happens when Troma directors grow up — or rather, fail to: they make films in which grown men cry and then brutally murder various inconsequential characters and cop off with girls half their age. Where the film falls down is in the moments where it tries to be a little more grown-up. The sentiment is weak and somewhat tacked on.

From this premise Wakamatsu creates a strange, oneiric film, a poetic parable on the relationship to the other in a fossilised society. It is a freedom that is negative, just like the waterless swimming pool that gives the film its title, as if the relationships between men and women could only be created through transgression. A true moralist, Wakamatsu paints the picture of a man-child who has found the way to literally touch the object of his desire and liberate himself by giving free rein to his erotic madness. My pick of the festival by a country mile.

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Hellion and Rice make use of a bizarre selection of instruments, from the double bass harmonica apparently recommended by Addams Family composer Vic Mizzy and a curious brass-pronged device called a waterphone, whose sound is immediately recognisable from a thousand horror films. These instruments are then sampled and looped, punctuated by occasional bursts of distortion pedal guitar noise, in accompaniment to the oneiric narrative on screen. A woman wakes up, wanders the streets, meets a man, murders him, and runs away from the police — only to wake once more, the waves crashing over her dreams like ill-repressed memories.

In the rural American south, a miner starts having dreams of a terrible storm coming.

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When the dreams start spilling out into his waking hours he begins obsessively taking precautions against what he is sure is a real storm to come. Curiously, the more I found myself nerve-wracked and devastated by the unfolding domestic catastrophe on screen, the more the rest of the audience in Paris started laughing. Actually, now I come to think of it, when I saw Bigger Than Life at the same cinema a few months back, everyone else was laughing too.

Maybe Parisians just enjoy watching ordinary Americans lose their mind. In a sense, the film is a kind of Once upon a Time in the West for the romance, an elegy for the end of the medieval era. The Hitcher has a great premise, and it knows it, exploiting some very basic fears that have doubtless been felt by any motorist who has ever seen an outstretched thumb on a lonely road at night.

With that, the film has a confidence, an assurance that prevents it from taking too many wrong steps. The taut structure keeps the tension high when it needs to be, and always knows when best to diffuse it with a well-timed gag a severed finger with your chips, sir? Clarke heard a computer sing at Bell Labs and decided to appropriate for Hal in At this point in the film, we have just discovered that this man has no records on any computer, no place of origin, and is almost impossible to kill.

Might he, in fact, be reprising his role from Blade Runner , made four years earlier? Of course, every festival has to have at least one real stinker, and The Oregonian , sad to say, is really, truly, irredeemably awful in every possible sense. The best I can say is that there is nice furniture in one scene.

How this film got accepted into this festival — let alone Sundance earlier in the year — is beyond me. I felt pity for the rest of the audience as we grimly endured this useless mess of a motion picture. I sincerely hope that no one involved in this production — from exec producer to set runner — is ever allowed to work in film again. Sudd , a short film by Swede Erik Rosenlund, shows a world of elegant black and white cinematography, gradually being eaten by a disease of animated scribbles.

With the rise of high-quality computer animation software packages available off the shelf and capable of turning any laptop into a professional cartoon suite, the narrative of this film could be the narrative of shorts programmes at film festivals the world over, with the increasingly prevalent drawn-not-ray-traced style a kind of compulsory supplement, as much a product of the slick digi-style it seeks to countermand as anything else. Much better is the somewhat relentless Dutch fantasia Get Real! Here, the scribble is less a self-reflexive imitation pencil than the gleeful mouse-squiggle of a first-time Paint user, a chip-tune-soundtracked story about puppy love and arcade obsessiveness that takes every opportunity to emphasise its own cybernetic provenance.

Elsewhere, big-budget Brit animation A Lost and Found Box of Human Sensation starts off like a mournful, cautionary tale in a vaguely Hilaire Belloc sort of way and ends up as a car advert — it does, however, boast a voice-over by Ian McKellen, which is enough to redeem almost anything. Putain Lapin simultaneously satirises Jean Eustache and Donnie Darko , in a surreal take on the grainy 16mm of the nouvelle vague. As the title suggests, a prostitute meets a giant fuzzy bear, mistakes him for a rabbit, they fall in love. Amid the almost constant bed of electronic drones provided by Vorhaus and Briscoe, the brief fragments of instrumental music are like floating islands of humanity in an increasingly alien world.

As the film progresses, this latter music becomes ever more a means to encourage the audience to identify, not with the human protagonists, but with the rapidly evolving ants.

The Chilling Exorcism of Anneliese Michel

If at the start of the film the ants are a symbol for the Soviets, the invading utopian hive mind, by the end, as they struggle heroically to adapt and survive, it is the ants that represent America, one nation under God. For the humans, sound soon becomes itself a weapon, a filtered attack of white noise, not just upon the ant colony, but used equally offensively against the audience.

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Alastair Bruce was born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, in and studied at the University of Cape Town, where he started a science degree, but ended up with a major in English literature. Eithne Farry. What I admire is how she reacts to the mayhem about her.

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Whether she is confronted by grisly murders or inept and uncomfortable attempts to chat her up, she deals with it all with a stoic demeanour and is unfazed by the insanity around her. She is the calm centre of a hurricane. William Macy and Steve Buscemi are fantastic in the movie as well. Marge is extremely self-effacing. She politely lets down an old acquaintance who hits on her. After solving a murder and bringing a killer to justice she gets into bed with her husband and listens to him talk about how a drawing of his has been selected to appear on a 3c stamp but not the 29c stamp.

When she says that she is proud of him and that everyone uses the 3c stamp it shows that she is the sort of person we could probably all be a bit more like. The unfussy and unemotional way of reacting to events is not that of an uncaring rationalist.

Politicians and tabloids take note. Love and Bruises , the new film by Chinese director Ye Lou, which premiered at the latest edition of the Venice Film Festival , is a rough-and-tumble love story between a French scaffold worker Tahar Rahim and a Chinese student Corinne Yam.