The Trains That Climb the Winter Tree: A Tor.Com Original

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The Laurel Little Theatre puts on community-led plays and musicals within a silent movie house.

Each week through the end of June, experience Downtown Thursday , which combines an evening farmers market with a family-friendly outdoor movie night. Each month, the town hosts First Weekend , in which its many art galleries open their doors to the public with extended hours and new exhibits. Rent a bicycle and enjoy miles of cycling trails through scenic villages and marshland, explore local tributaries via kayak, canoe or paddleboard or go crabbing in the bay.

One hundred years ago, President Woodrow Wilson created the Katmai National Monument in what was then the territory of Alaska, to protect an area rocked and rattled by the eruption of Novarupta Volcano. Surrounded by towering mountains and narrow fjords, Kodiak is itself a sight to behold. Many visitors make their way via the Alaska State Ferry —which runs from Bellingham, Washington, to Homer, with Chenega Bay being the closest stop east of Kodiak 14 hours distance —to explore this once Russian-stronghold that morphed into a U.

Abandoned post-war, the purposely built Fort Abercrombie is today a state historical park filled with historic ruins, spruce forests and waterfront cliffs overlooking pounding surf and tide-pools—along with a tiny, volunteer-run military history museum housed in a former ammunition bunker. Outside the city, the Kodiak Wildlife Refuge is an incredible natural resource that is known for its fishing, kayaking, bear-viewing and camping.

Kodiak Island Brewing Brewing Co. Keep on your calendar for next year the annual Kodiak Crab Festival , a Memorial Day weekend extravaganza that features everything from a fish toss to a survival suit race an immersion suit to protect against hypothermia through frigid waters. Ever since securing a spot in the annals of Hollywood movie history with a starring role in the film of the same name and a young Julia Roberts , Mystic Pizza has been luring hungry fans in droves.

Thirty years later, the beloved pizzeria and its surrounding seaside hamlet are still buzzing with the delights of stardom. Mystic is even welcoming its own inaugural film festival this October. The Connecticut coastal town, which sits at the mouth of the Mystic River, offers a wonderful combination of rich maritime past and charming New England allure, the same that it has for decades.

The village is ripe with seafaring history: old sea-captain's home still stand riverside along Mystic's outskirts, and centuries-old ships dock beside kayaks and standup paddleboards in its waters. Downtown, mystic's iconic Bascule Bridge stretches across the Mystic River, and is open to pedestrians too. Learn about the village's role in shipbuilding and as a safe haven for tall ships at Mystic Seaport, the largest maritime museum in the U. It's home to the world's only surviving wooden whaling ship , as well as the coal-fired steamboat Sabino, which offers downriver cruises. Later, stop by Mystic Aquarium to see some of North America's only beluga whales.

Some of Connecticut's best state beaches are nearby too.

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Heat winners then compete against one another for the top three slots. Each annual season kicks off with a June Turtle Fest , complete with a human half-marathon and grand parade. Downtown Perham is filled with unique specialty shops and eateries: places like Nest , part-kitchenware retailer, part-cafe, with its own drive-through coffee window; and the two-story Gathering Grounds Coffee Shoppe , hailed for its soup and sandwich lunches, as well as the selection of jewelry, books and antiques at its gift shop—all housed in a two-story century-old downtown structure.

The greater Otter Tail area offers a ton of outdoor activities as well—from fly fishing holes to more than two dozen campgrounds and resorts. Snowmobiling is especially popular, with over miles of trails winding around lakes and through forests of maple and birch, as is cross country skiing.