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I no longer wear scarlet. Covered by the blood of Jesus, I am the woman in white. You look good in white, Cathy! Washed clean by his blood, by his Word, by his Spirit. May we all see ourselves so beautifully dressed like a bride for our Bridegroom.

I have made some really bad choices in my life; both as a non-Christian and as a Christian. The Lord has healed me so much over the course of these past 20 yrs. I am now 60 yrs. In during my first psych. Praise God!!!! So, I will shout it from the rooftops that there IS victory in Jesus! And I will reach out to any woman who needs an encourager along her way to healing in Christ! May God bless you greatly in your own spirit for all you have done for so many of us who were once Rahab. Ever yours in Christ, Crista. God bless you! Your testimony is amazing! I praise God for you!!! God your are good and your mercy reigns forever!!!

The pain this person is inflicting on her kids and those who loved her makes it a difficult journey. She has no shame and no remorse. The wounds are deep, but there is nothing impossible with God. He will help me on this road of forgiveness when so much destruction continues. Who knows who God will use to bring that message to her…? So thankful Liz for you and your witness and insight. Praying for those walls to come tumbling down. God alone can accomplish that, just as he did in Jericho. Thanks for your honesty, Linda. The faith of Rahab is astounding!

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To have no one to be an encourager, yet cling to the truth of who God is and to risk everything in obedience to Him—that is difficult enough for those of us raised to know His love and faithfulness! Oh to claim a faith so strong! Your posts continue to be inspiring, Liz. We have nothing in the biblical record to suggest that Rahab had anyone encouraging her to embrace the one true God.

Clearly he reached out to her, revealed himself to her, then brought the two spies to her door to rescue her. Thanks once again Liz, for making the stories of the women of the bible so real for us living today. You tugged at my heart with your words. Blessings to you, Susan. We either were a Rahab, are a Rahab, know a Rahab, or long to see a Rahab set free.

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Timeless, powerful truths in those verses from Joshua 2 and 6! Thanks for encouraging our sisters this week, Angela.

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I was on the road and offline, so trusted my blog followers to stand in the gap. And you did! Thank you for sharing your stories, cos each of us has a story to tell. I was a Rahab and now I am a princess through his grace and mercy.

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Blessings and prayers to all of you. But someone who has been forgiven only a little loves only a little. Thank you, Liz. I was thinking about why God might choose a prostitute.

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Her reputation was already shot and her acts were known and not secret. God has used His refining fire to help me let go of things that I hold onto in order to keep my reputation! This has forced me to choose God, especially in the things that nobody else can see or in things where others may even judge me, like choosing to homeschool my kids.

These choices were because I no longer could keep up with the fast-paced schedule and live each day for God, and be loving vs.

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  8. I stand in awe at the stories that have been posted here. God brings us out of these places to share with others who are still in these places. Build a relationship with her the way Christ has built a relationship with you….. I long for fellowship, with real women who have experience what I have and can be transparent enough to help others without judgment or looking down on them. I too have some ways of rahab, slowly but surely he is allowing me to finally and solely be set free from the things in my past that haunts me.

    I look forward to the days were im compel free and can look back at ur blogs, and be completely free. Keep blessing us women of god, hopefully one day you visit Chicago where I can speak with you or others that are apart of your ministry. Christina Anderson October 16, at pm. Angela Marks October 18, at am. Liz Curtis Higgs October 19, at pm. Kathy T. October 16, at pm. Amazing Story! Oh, how we love a happy ending! Thanks for sharing her story…and yours, Kathy.

    Angel Finding The Inspiring October 16, at pm. Amen, amen, Angel!

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    Susan Ireland October 16, at pm. A good reminder. Thanks, Susan. Courtney October 16, at pm. Tina W. October 17, at am. October 17, at pm.

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    Sarah October 17, at pm. Amen, sister, amen!

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    Crista Simmmons October 17, at am.