She Saved His Panthorian Soul (THE PANTHORIANS(tm))

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It was there for a moment and then the next, it was gone. You took one long sip of your hot chocolate and tasted nothing but sand. Since Soonyoung is so busy lately, you end up hanging out in the practice room a lot just to spend time with him. Watching him dance is a gift all in itself. Even if you staring at him does have the unfortunate side effect of Jeonghan working out that you might be harboring a not-so-small crush on your best friend….

He promises not to tell, and you really have no choice but to trust him. When they decide to take a break, you almost have a heart attack when you see Jeonghan walk over to Soonyoung. Soonyoung looks self conscious suddenly, glances at you. Your heart jumps again in case he notices you were staring. Instead he says. Close my eyes?

She Saved His Panthorian Soul

He takes an awful long time, you think, as you sit there, hands over your eyes. And then Jeonghan yells out. But in that split second, unthinking, you do. And suddenly, all you can see is Soonyoung, standing there with his shirt off, half way through dabbing sweat from his neck with the towel, his stretch of soft skin just right there and so much better than you ever imagined. Faintest trace of hair and learn muscles and oh wow….

Soonyoung fumbles for his new shirt, pulls it on, and looks self-consciously at you. It was a Saturday and you were on the bed with your laptop, trying to work on a project you had to turn in soon. He hummed and nodded, lowering his hand on his body to scratch his stomach a little. Nodding, you leaned down to press a light kiss to his forehead. You nodded and hummed while gently pushing his hair off his forehead. Right when you were about to reach for his hand and say something more, he clicked his tongue and looked at you meaningfully.

Before you were able to wonder what he had in mind, you had him pushing you gently to lie down on the bed, sitting astride on your lap and kissing you passionately. You melted completely under him and wrapped your arms around his neck as you kissed him back, your breath hitching in your throat a little when you felt his hands sliding under your shirt. And just as you were starting to need and expect more, Soonyoung pulled his hands back and withdrew from the kiss, looking you into the eye with a serious expression, the earlier cuteness indeed long gone.

Soonyoung got up and moved to sit next to you casually, and you threw him a glare. Knowing you were looking at him, he started gaining a smug hint to his expression, fully aware that the kisses had left you wanting more. He placed his hands on your hips and looked into your eyes intently. You snorted quietly at his words and shrugged as you leaned to his ear while your hand began sliding down from his chest.

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Maybe this might turn into a Odd Jobs! Originally posted by juunshua. Senior week is, according to Mimi, the true last hurrah of your university days. From the examples she listed, though, it quickly became evident she really meant it was the last chance to do any one you might have ever fantasized about. Spend one more night with an ex just for the sake of it. Give the guy who has spent the past four years staring at you at every party you both attended a chance. Make a move on that one classmate you maybe always had an eye on. The possibilities from Mimi were apparently endless.

Add to this the anecdote that some Nu Kappa Tau brothers were rumored to have rented out standby rooms at some cheap motel in town, and yeah — you were expecting your last week before graduation to be something else.

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At yet of all the scenarios possible, you still had not expecting waking up with Kwon Soonyoung in your bed. And yet there you were, waking up at 3am all covered in sweat with Soonyoung cuddled up to you with one of his legs over you, too.

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Soonyoung let out a hum in his sleep, at which you smiled, and he hummed some more when you gently got his leg off you. You tried to move closer to the edge of the bed, but noticed soon that it was futile, as he was holding you so well that you just pulled him with you. It was a struggle, to say the least, and no matter how hard you tried, you were unable to fall back asleep. Opening his eyes, he realized that he was all glued to you, and as soon as he remembered what you had told him about needing space while sleeping, he gasped quietly.

The next time he stayed over, you went to sleep so that you both had a fair share of your own space on the bed. And yet, a few hours later, you woke up with Soonyoung glued up to you again, nuzzling his face into the back of your neck. He opened his eyes slowly, and you smiled a little at how adorable he looked with his lips in a pout. Moving away from you, Soonyoung groaned quietly and rubbed his eyes.

His smile alone was cute enough to have your heart fluttering, and you shook your head with an amused smile on your lips.

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Humming, you thought about it for a while, and Soonyoung waited with a smile playing on his lips. You managed to sleep separately for the rest of the night, and the next day Soonyoung ordered himself one of those blankets.

Considerably less common. It had only been verging on two when Chaekyung had grabbed your hand and pulled you out of the crowd and up the stairs to leave. Chaekyung grabbed onto your arm once more to help steady your stride. By the front door, you found Suhyun leaning heavily on the side of one of the brothers. Chaekyung looped an arm around her and pulled her a bit upright, thanking Jeonghan for keeping an eye on Suhyun and apologizing for her state.

Originally posted by hoshi-ssi. Summary: Things have changed in your relationship since Soonyoung and you have begun to drift apart.

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Will things ever be the way they were before? One night spent at the studio turned into a week, which gradually escalated to him coming home a few times a month. How had things managed to get this bad? At this point, you were sure that the couple that lived in the apartment across the hall could hear the screaming and hollering coming from your once welcoming home.

I have been trying to find a job. You of all people should know that I just am going through a rough patch in my life right now. Hoshi ran his thin fingers through his dyed hair and sighed, completely unable to think with the fog of emotions clouding up his mind at the moment.

He finally decided to turn in for the night when the clock struck twelve, and he made his way to the closet to grab a blanket and a pillow. I begged them to let me take you with us on tour, but there is just no way to make it work. As you walked out, Soonyoung wrung his hands through his curled locks as a single tear slipped down his cheek. I could never live a day without seeing your beautiful face.

I brought your favorite sandwiches! You spread out on the blanket and took a deep breath of the fresh spring air. A light tap on your thigh alerted you that there was a sandwich with your name on it. As you unwrapped the plastic, you felt a cold piece of metal fall into your lap. Upon closer inspection, you realized it was a ring with a diamond on it.

You turned to tell Soonyoung of your discover when you noticed him getting onto one knee. Please, accept this ring and promise me that you will meet me at the end of the isle soon? In particular, a certain dark haired boy with a bright smile caught your attention. Soonyoung looked happy with his bandmates. There were certainly no tears as he skipped around on the stage screaming lyrics to the excited fans.

He had not gone a day without trying to contact you since you left the apartment. Every day, he left a message in your voice mail with his apologies being repeated as the other boys could be heard laughing in the background. He always sounded so sincere, so how had none of this effected his everyday life? You rubbed your growing bump and reached for another tissue off your nightstand as the ceiling fan whirred blankly.

She Saved His Panthorian Soul (THE PANTHORIANS(tm))

Soonyoung stepped off the plane and took in a deep breath, happy to be back in his homeland. People pushed past him to go find his luggage, but he was indifferent. He wished you had been there waiting for him, but not a soul was sitting on the bench near the exit gate. With a sigh, he decided to go find his suitcase. When he began to walk outside, he noticed a familiar head of hair walking through the crowd. He came to a stop when he realized it was dumb of him to even expect you to wait for him; never feeling more alone than when he sat in the middle of the airport with no loving wife to greet him with their unborn child.

Originally posted by minghaon. One where he has triplet sons? Please and thank you! My wife and I have triplets. Having three little versions of himself running around was an interesting thing to watch. He knew it was hard to raise three babies at once but he was having the best time he could with the three of them. To say in a short amount of time the furniture was out of place and pillows and blankets covered many things as squeals of happiness filled your home from the three boys as your home now had a fort.