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What have I done wrong for him to leave me alone without any idea where he is going? I got so furious with him because how can he say that after leaving me for a long time. I got hysterical and threw everything my hands landed on so the nurses came to stop me and calm me down. After a few days since the incident, the doctor came to talk to my aunt in private and after talking in private she told me that he has good news for me. My aunt and I have been waiting for a donor and our prayers were answered.

On the day of the surgery, i felt so scared. What if things suddenly go wrong during the surgery? And I think the nurses noticed it and reassured me that everything will get better soon. I was not able to talk to the surgeon as the anesthesia has put me to sleep already. After the surgery, I waited for a few days before the bandage was removed and to know if the surgery went well. My aunt held my hands to keep them from trembling. The doctor silently started to remove my bandage and told me to slowly open my eyes. Later, that day a bouquet of blue roses came with a letter and it came from Dylan.

I really am sorry for keeping things away from you. You brought light in my dark life and changed my views about the world. After reading this, I immediately rushed to the nurses station and asked who the donor is. I was shocked to hear who it is. I tried to walk back to my room but my feet just gave away and I started crying so hard. After getting discharged from the hospital, I immediately went to the cemetery to see him. After seeing him, I ran to him and cried my heart out. It seems like the sky felt my sorrow and the rain poured so hard on us.

Addison had also grown a lot as a character from the first book and I felt like she was a more understanding character and had been through a lot to find where she really belonged!

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Aiden was again the main male character and love interest of Addison! I did feel for Aiden in this book because he had a lot on his plate and he was trying to keep his relationship with Addison on the straight and narrow! I think he handled everything really well and he always put Addison first! This did make me respect Aiden because I felt like he made the right choices! Aiden was again very protective of Addison in this book and it was easy to see the amount of love he had for her!

He would do anything for her and the love they had for each other was beautiful! I loved that this book was written from both Addison and Aiden's point of views like the first two books were! It helped me connect more with both characters, especially since the two characters were going through a lot separately! It allowed for more things to happen in the plot too! I would say that this book was more evenly split between Addison and Aiden's point of views too, which made me happy!

I'm also really sad that this book is the final book in this trilogy! I've loved every second of reading it, so I'm really sad to say goodbye to Addison and Aiden! I was really excited when I got to the end of this book though and the author announced a book for a secondary character in this trilogy! I'm so excited to read it and I really hope that it releases soon because the wait is going to be torture lol! The ending of this book was also insane and a huge twist, so it's left me even more desperate for the next book! I also love the cover for this book a lot!

It really suits the romantic feel of the book and the relationship between Addison and Aiden! It suits the other covers in the series too! Nov 15, Nena R. Sad it had to come to an end Love love love Addison and Aidens story. It was a story that I couldn't put down. Loved all the characters and can't wait for the next in the story. Hurry hurry! Oh man! This series seriously gave me all the feels! I have gone through every emotion on the planet with these 3 books, but mostly happiness.

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I feel so in tune with these characters because they are so real and I am not ready to let them go. Addison and Aiden's story pulled me in and I could feel their every emotion. And the epilogue, GIRL are you trying to kill me! But seriously, read this series now!

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You will not be disappointed! Love love loved this book What a great ending to Addie and Aiden's story. I loved this book. And then you had to throw the epilogue in there. Now I need Sydney's story. Oct 10, D.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. What a way to end the series! I am so glad I was introduced to this author! This trilogy was amazing! The love between Aiden and Addison was amazing! I cannot wait to read more from her! Well done!! Fate loves did not disappoint! So often when I read a trilogy, the last book just kind of wraps things up but does not have a lot of substance to it, WELL not with this book!

This book had so much happening and it kept me reading and wanting more! Tina Saxon did a remarkable job at writing this series and I can't wait to see what she writes next! And that epilogue Did NOT see that coming! The trilogy "Twist of fate" by Tina Saxon was a nice read. But it had too many hiccups for me to give it more than 3 stars.

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The idea and the storyline were very interesting. But at times it looked too construed to be real fate. The characters also started out very interesting.

By Emily Jones (186lilly)

Besides the fact that they are "all" beautiful. Like literally everyone. Beauty is not a character trait. It does not make me like a person because of their physical trait.

At times the books dragged, with not very The trilogy "Twist of fate" by Tina Saxon was a nice read. At times the books dragged, with not very interesting interludes. May it be suspense, humour or relationship problems. There were many boring parts.


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Which could have been easily avoided. The characters also had their ups and downs. The more the story progressed, the main male character Aiden, was left behind and too pussy whipped for my liking, without standing his ground. The focus was too many times on the main female character, Addison. Although it was also told in the POV of Aiden. Which leads us to the heroine, Addison. For my liking, at times she was too immature and self-centred, especially in the second book. Although we are told otherwise numerous times. Not only the strokes of fate but also some relationship problems felt construed.

I just find it useless to read about problems, only occurring because of the lack of communication between the two main characters in such a manner, as it is told in this book. Additionally the emotional problems took up a lot of time in the beginning and while the protagonists suffered, but the solutions or compromises where given in a blink of an eye. The third book ends of course in a HEA, but also a cliffhanger, looks like a start of a new series surrounding the main characters best friend Syd.

This last book in the series was too soppy for my taste and I couldn't find any real purpose for it, other than to serve the new series starring Syd. Last but not least, it is a very american book series.