Lethal Harvest (Technobiz Thriller Series Book 1)

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Jason needs the winery project to succeed if he is to save his fledgling architectural firm and his career, and he is desperate to save both to keep his marriage from collapsing. When Larry Riegert takes over the winery project and it starts to go downhill, Jason becomes obsessed with finding out why. However, their attempt just makes Jason and Raquel even more curious, and the pair eventually ascertains that the brothers are trafficking illegal drugs. Larry learns of their discovery through underhanded means, and bullets start flying.

Jason and Raquel run for their lives, but the Riegerts catch up with them.

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Thirty miles away, in Oakland, two narcotics cops investigating a crime scene discover a massacre and accompanying clues that point to Fortino Winery. They visit Monte Vista and stake out the winery property, where they stumble upon enough evidence to organize a joint agency assault team to raid the winery. In the climax scene, all of the players who survive the raid come together in one terrifying confrontation, and lives are changed forever.

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The violence in Lethal Harvest is in context and is realistic, but not graphic. There is a single explicit sex scene, which reveals how the characters involved deal with the horrendous circumstances and emotional upheavals to which they are being subjected.

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