Hanging In There

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You can also ask someone if they're "hanging in there".

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This means, "Are you OK? You can ask this when someone's doing something difficult or painful. In casual spoken English, you can leave off the "g" sound at the end of many "-ing" words.

What Does Hang in There Mean?

So instead of "hanging", you can say "hangin'". Improve your English skills with Phrases AudioBook. Learn English Phrases. Improve English Fluency.

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The problem with language learning "levels" Where do I start? However, a rogue tree root tweaked his left hind leg, giving Cottonballs a noticeable limp. Shaking off the pain, the kitten walked across the back lawn in the direction of his cat door. His owners, Pam and Brent Walker of Oak Brook, Illinois, treated him well, giving him a gravy-soaked Fancy Feast meal more frequently than he probably deserved.

When Cottonballs reached his feeding dish, he lapped up his meal with great gusto. Full and satisfied, Cottonballs found his favorite spot on the sun-drenched front porch and took a nap that lasted five hours. Warm, cuddly and safe, Cottonballs slept peacefully.

Hang in there.

Over time, Cottonballs became ornery. Even for a strong, growing cat, the weight was too heavy for his shoulders.

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All because of that stupid poster. You know? Maybe the very last thing I want to do in all the world is hang in there.

Has anyone ever thought of that? Has anyone ever given one damn what ole Cottonballs thinks?

hang in there

But the message was clear: Cottonballs was losing it. By the age of 7, Cottonballs wore a mini-leather jacket most days and was stoned out of his mind on Mexican catnip.

The incident kept an anxiety-ridden Pam in bed for two days. In , Cottonballs ended up hopping in the back of a truck headed for Atlantic City.