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Finally, some out-of-print miniatures are back in action, but for a very limited time. Those all look pretty great!

The Lord Of The Rings, 2004 - (Deleted scene:№19) [HD 1080p]

The Battle Companies book and Eowyn and Merry are both available for pre-order now at your local game store or Games Workshop stockist. Leigh George Kade is a writer, illustrator, and sculptor who lives in Salt Lake City with his wife and two small Skrulls. Leigh has also been a panelist on the wildly popular Geek Show Podcast since He has been an Entertainment Writer for Bleeding Cool since Skip to content. Battle Companies Battle Companies is a skirmish level rule set that introduces the Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game to new players, and for folks who prefer to keep their games a bit smaller in scale.

A really nice couple found her and were very concerned about her condition and that she hadn't shown any interest in food. She seemed OK after she was brought to the shelter, although she was not very active or playful as a normal ferret should be.

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She was very sweet though and gave lots of kisses which won over someone wanting to adopt. Eowyn went home with them weighing grams and returned several weeks later emaciated, dehydrated and weighing grams. Her glucose was low, liver enzymes were high and her BUN was high indicating the possibility of kidney issues. She lived through the ordeal, but never really completely recovered.