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Chosen at Nightfall

I have nothing to compare it to. It is unique, Olivia Farr, Staff Reviewer. The book follows the two protagonists in equal Oh God, she missed everyone so much. Amazingly, she was only a few miles away from Shadow Falls, tucked away in a secluded spot in what Texans referred to as the hill country, and yet it might as well have been across the world.

Sure, she'd spoken to Holiday every day. At first, her grandfather had refused her this right, but her aunt had insisted he see reason. He'd relented, but only if she used a certain phone and kept the conversations very short, so the calls couldn't be traced. And by no means could Kylie tell anyone where she was. And his distrust only added to Kylie's feelings of isolation from everyone she loved.

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Even her mom, who called to inform her that she was about to fly to England with John, her mom's new boyfriend, whom Kylie wasn't so sweet on. Sure, her granddad allowed her to call her mom back every time she called.

So they had spoken twice. But only twice. Kylie's throat knotted with tears, but she refused to cry. She had to be strong. Pull up her big-girl panties and be an adult. She knew they served it just for her-because after barely touching her meals these last few days, they'd asked about her favorite foods. Feeling obligated, both to eat and to comply with their show of manners, she forced herself to cut a bite of pizza from her slice and slip it into her mouth. Not eating pizza with a fork off a fine china plate that looked old and rare enough to be in a museum.

Not sitting at this fancy dining table with a formal place setting. And especially not feeling right was the spirit who now moved in closer to her grandfather and held the sword over his head. Kylie stared at the spirit. Either tell me exactly what you need, that doesn't involve murder, or go away. A drop of blood splattered onto her grandfather's forehead.

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Not that he could feel it or see it. But Kylie could. The spirit performed this show just to get Kylie's attention. Yeah, she was, Kylie admitted to herself. A broken heart would do that to you.

It pretty much sucked the joy out of life. Or maybe what sucked the most was missing everyone.

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