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Q. What is this Rookies Card all about?

Basic Endgames I will show you first some fundamental endgames that you should know. When you reach the endgame you need some basic understanding about how the king moves, without getting confused by too many pieces on the board. Please replay the selected endgame positions below and study them until you are able to handle those situations in a real game. I hope you got the idea now and have seen what we are doing here and what is chess all about.

Then go right away to the following lesson. This one will train your tactical eye. Solve some checkmate-in-one problems here. They are very easy. This is baby stuff so this should be like a snap for you. Never move silly pawns anywhere in the beginning of the game, especially not on the outer files like Black has done below. You just lose time and run behind in piece development. This means that your opponent can and will attack you with his pieces, once he has castled. Pieces are: knights, bishops, rooks and the queen, not pawns! He can attack you as he has more pieces developed than you have.

He will simply overrun you in the center because he has more knights, bishops, rooks and the queen actively placed and you got no pieces placed actively to defend yourself.

Chess Strategies for Beginners and Advanced!

Because you have wasted your time to push some silly pawns here and there and may have not even castled. Read this text above a hundred times to get this into your head or you will never ever become a good player. So don't touch useless pawns in the beginning of the game. You should first move one or two center pawns, then develop your knights and bishops towards the center. Best is to get the kingside knight and bishop out, then castle quickly. See the white position. White is going to get out his kingside bishop next and castle afterwards.

This will raise your spirits and be your counselor in war.

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I show you now how to start your game. Before you start to play you should know where to place your pieces - know the right chess formation strategy. Where do you place your pawns, knights and bishops, when do you castle and what happens to the queen and the rooks.

When should you attack? Or do you have to attack at all? Questions over questions.

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I will give you a rough idea now. Please study the following chess strategies for beginners carefully. Read the Guidelines: Chess Formation Strategy. Did you manage it all right?

How to Play Chess for Beginners

It is necessary that you understand the following basic chess strategies for beginners called - Endgames or Endings, using the heavy pieces. It was hard, wasn't it? Yes, chess is a hard game. You got to have discipline, yep! Chess teaches It is hard to start a game and make the right moves all the time. This is almost impossible, I know.

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What do you think before you make a move? Try to understand the following chess strategies that are applied. In the following games Black needs to learn some chess strategies for beginners because he plays like a beginner. See next lesson. How did you go?

Did it make click under your hat? Yes, it's mind blowing in the beginning, I know. When I learned chess I dreamed about chess positions at night. I have got some more training here now. How to win with Checkmate in 2. I got here a mixed cocktail of training positions. I tell you a secret.

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When I entered a chess club as a beginner, I was losing, losing and losing for the next few months to come. Because nobody had told me any chess strategies for beginners.

If one file is particularly important, a player might advance one rook on it, then position the other rook behind— doubling the rooks. A rook on the seventh rank the opponent's second rank is typically very powerful, as it threatens the opponent's unadvanced pawns and hems in the enemy king. In the diagrammed position from a game between Lev Polugaevsky and Larry Evans , [3] the rook on the seventh rank enables White to draw , despite being a pawn down Griffiths —3. Two rooks on the seventh rank are often enough to force victory, or at least a draw by perpetual check.

Rooks are most powerful towards the end of a game i. They are somewhat clumsy at restraining enemy pawns from advancing towards promotion, unless they can occupy the file behind the advancing pawn. As well, a rook best supports a friendly pawn towards promotion from behind it on the same file see Tarrasch rule.

The rook is a very powerful piece to deliver checkmate. Below are a few examples of rook checkmates that are easy to force. In the medieval shatranj , the rook symbolized a chariot.

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  • Persian war chariots were heavily armored, carrying a driver and at least one ranged-weapon bearer, such as an archer. The sides of the chariot were built to resemble fortified stone work, giving the impression of small, mobile buildings, causing terror on the battlefield. In the West, the rook is almost universally represented as a crenellated turret. One possible explanation is that when the game was imported to Italy, the Persian rukh became the Italian word rocca "fortress" , and from there spread in the rest of Europe.

    Another possibility is that, as chess moved to Europe long after chariot warfare had been abandoned, a different symbol was needed to represent the rook's concept of feudal power the chariot being a method of warfare only used by the elite, very similar to medieval knights , and as such the Europeans adopted a castle to represent a lord and his feudal power, further supported by the albeit later name for the rook, the "marquess", named after a nobleperson.

    Finally, the chariot was sometimes represented as a silhouette, a square with two points above representing the horse's heads, which may have been seen to resemble a building with arrowports to the medieval imagination. An exception is seen in the British Museum 's collection of the medieval Lewis chess pieces in which the rooks appear as stern warders or wild-eyed Berserker warriors.

    Chess rooks frequently occur as heraldic charges. Heraldic rooks are usually shown as they looked in medieval chess-sets, with the usual battlements replaced by two outward-curving horns. In Canadian heraldry , the chess rook is the cadency mark of a fifth daughter. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Play Winning Chess Yasser Seirawan.