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The first year saw only 4 percent of third grades students retained. Now in its fifth year, Ohio still promotes students with reading scores below proficient.

In fact, in —17, 18 percent of third graders were promoted, even though they scored below proficient. Florida, in both word and deed, believed that it was critical its third graders read on grade level before advancing to fourth grade. Ohio does in word but time will tell if it does in deed. Florida and Ohio have followed a similar path on graduation requirements. Both states have long mandated specific coursework and passage of required examinations to receive a high school diploma. Florida has transitioned more seamlessly to using robust end of course exams in algebra I and tenth-grade English language arts as a graduation requirement.

Ohio has found itself mired in controversy as it moved from the very basic Ohio Graduation Test to more rigorous end of course exams. A feared drop in the number of students likely to graduate generated an outsized response aimed at undercutting the increased expectations even before implementation. The state board has again asked for alternative graduation pathways, this time for the classes of and Both Ohio and Florida are rightfully thought of as national leaders in school choice.

Ohio has five private school choice programs, more than charter schools, and open enrollment is allowed in more than school districts.

Because every kid deserves an awesome school.

Once again, though, Florida has gone a couple of steps beyond the Buckeye State. Moreover, recent legislation in Florida has given charter funding a big boost and contributed to closing the charter-district funding gap that exists in much of the country. Finally, Florida has made statewide open enrollment the law. This allows students to attend school in any district as long as it has open seats.

While there is much to praise in both states, the opportunities available to low-income Floridians far eclipse those enjoyed by their Midwestern brethren.

Cory Doctorow: Disruption for Thee, But Not for Me

If you believe a policy will help students learn, you need to have the courage of your convictions and not walk it back at the first sign of controversy. After all, anything worth doing should be worth doing well. Even with its long-term future uncertain, demand has outstripped available funding in each of the last two years. Chad Aldis is the Thomas B. He represents the Institute in its work with the media, state and local policy makers, other education reform groups, and the public.


Search Search. Ohio to Florida: Better schools for thee but not for me? Chad L. A-to-F school grades Issuing every school a summative A-to-F letter grade was one of the first reforms in Florida. Incentive funding for academic performance For almost twenty years, the Florida School Recognition Program has awarded bonuses to any school that earns an A on the state report card or improves its letter grade from the prior year.

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Rigorous high school graduation requirements Florida and Ohio have followed a similar path on graduation requirements. Vibrant public and private school choice Both Ohio and Florida are rightfully thought of as national leaders in school choice. The fact that some of the most accomplished leaders and artistes see voice as a powerful medium speaks volumes in favour of audiobooks.

While most of us today know Barbara Rosenblat for her role in Orange Is the New Black as Miss Rosa , the stage and television actor is a premier audiobook narrator who has voiced more than titles in the last 35 years. To be honest, I never thought I would vouch for audiobooks. But today, here I am. The fact that audiobooks bring a story alive through storytelling and do that effortlessly, is what made me a regular listener.

Here are the other key reasons:. Even if you believe you are addicted to reading pages filled with words, once you start listening to audiobooks, you are likely to agree that listening is as rich experience as reading. If anything, the growing popularity of audiobooks only testifies to the power of voice as an engaging medium for books.

And, just two years ago, the Swedish audiobook service storytel launched in India, and since then people have been talking about how it has been helping them to catch up on books. I have seen people on social media saying how they are not only able to complete but super achieve their reading goals. Most of us will agree that speaking in the mother tongue is not the same as reading.

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Even though we love our Indian languages, we have lost the flair for it when it comes to reading or writing. This means, we lose out enjoying some rich literature in Indian languages. It is here again, that audiobooks can turn the tables. On Storytel, you will be delighted to find stories in regional languages such as Hindi, Marathi, Bengali,Urdu and Malayalam. I am waiting for Kannada books to be made available on Storytel.

We all lead hectic lives. A customary phone call to a friend now features on the weekend to-do checklist. This is where I find audiobooks helpful. In fact, it is a delight for a multi-tasker like me.


Audiobooks gives our eyes their due break. I am glued to the laptop and the mobile at least 12 hours a day. If I were to add, the time spent on watching TV, even on the occasional weekends, that number is bigger. So, taking that cup of filter coffee, plugging in the earphones, plonking myself on the swing and getting immersed in a story, is what I look forward to unwind. Now, as readers, we all have individual preferences when it comes to the pace at which we would like to read. And, sometimes that is also influenced by our mood, the genre, and even the time that is there at hand.

This is where we assume, audiobooks might fail a conventional reader. But, today audiobook services like Storytel have taken these preferences into consideration and worked on the technology to make audiobook experiences as close to reading an actual book. For instance, on Storytel, I can change the pace of the narration, create a bookmark, and add a note whenever I find something interesting.

With the sleep timer, I can choose how long I want the book to play, a feature that has been quite a hit among other audiobook listeners. And, one of the best things about audiobooks is that they are easy on the pocket. At just Rs a month, I have access to over 1 Lakh titles. Which means, I can now reserve the money to invest in a rare book title I would really like to own or add to my modest library instead of just being compelled to buy a book I would enjoy only once.

Now, to many, these reasons might still not be compelling enough to give audiobooks a try. That said, when I think about why, at the core, I have enjoyed audiobooks is probably as Indians, we belong to a rich oral tradition.

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