And in Health: A Guide for Couples Facing Cancer Together

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For many couples, one session is sufficient in providing the education and support needed. However, some couples benefit from additional support. When this is the case, couples are offered the opportunity to:. Physicians also note that couples who participate in the program seem calmer and better able to focus on medical information during their subsequent medical appointment. This innovative model has been presented at international and national professional conferences, including the 19th World Congress of Psych-Oncology, the American Psychosocial Oncology Society and the Association of Oncology Social Workers.

Thank you for helping us start these conversations We would like to extend our profound gratitude to the donors and foundations whose support has played a critical role in the growth and success of the Couples Coping with Cancer Together Program.

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Their generous contributions enable us to enhance our program and services so we can reach more patients, partners and families in need. If you are a patient or partner and would like more information or feel you would benefit from the support of one of our clinicians, please contact program leader Kim Romig, L. Medical and mental health professionals are also encouraged to contact our team for more information about implementing couples-based interventions in their own oncology settings. Professional resources will be made available. Frank empowers patients by unlocking the mysteries of the disease and explaining in plain language the ways to confront and combat it.

An award-winning medical oncologist recognized for his humanitarian approach as well as his research accomplishments, Dr.

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Frank understands that cancer patients and their families need insight into the disease along with a sense of control. He therefore addresses these vital topics: what cancer is and how it spreads how cancer treatment strategies are chosen how cancer-fighting drugs work to shut down the growth of the disease which factors affect a patient's prognosis how patients can visualize cancer treatments at work in the body and why this is helpful how to deal with "uncurable" cancer and more.

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  6. With a wealth of patient case histories, helpful coping strategies from cancer survivors, and up-to-date information on useful resources, Fighting Cancer is the book cancer patients and their loved ones can turn to with confidence and hope. He lives in Fairfield, CT. Have you ever been at a loss for words when a friend or colleague or a loved one has been given a diagnosis of cancer?

    Have you ever wanted to do something "nice" for a person who is being treated for cancer and not known exactly what would be appropriate? This book contains myriad suggestions for saying and acting on the most helpful, compassionate and appropriate responses and explains why they are.

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    Rosanne Kalick's valuable contributions are drawn from her personal experiences dealing with cancer not once, but twice. This unique position empowered her to conduct intense research, personal interviews and to use letters and emails from cancer patients all over the world. Atlas Books About the Author: Rosanne Kalick - Although cancer has changed the author's life, it has not changed who she is. While she no longer jogs she had completed three New York City Marathons , she is an avid walker. She is particularly gifted in her ability to communicate, having been a professor and chairperson of the Library and Learning Resource Center at Westchester Community College in New York.

    Atlas Books. Norton, , pages ISBN: The author, a physician and cancer survivor, guides patients through the first few frightening months after diagnosis. An easy-to-read format, up-to-date basic information and advice is presented on the physical, emotional and practical challenges of evaluation and treatment.

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    This new edition includes Harpham's Decision Tool, a unique grid that helps people make informed treatment decisions in collaboration with their healthcare team. Designed for caregivers as well as patients, this book combines insight and inspiration with practical information and suggestions for coping with critical illness in all its physical and emotional complexity.

    Topics include accepting a new lifestyle, controlling pain, getting help and grieving. There is also a section that explores the question of when to let go of pursuing uncomfortable treatments in favor of making a positive choice about how to live near the end of life. Buchholz, M. Buchholz, Ph.

    Addressing medical and psychological issues, this book includes stories, exercises and tools to help patients live "longer" and more meaningfully, regardless of prognosis or stage of disease. Holland, M. Provides practical and compassionate guidance for dealing with the uncertainty of a cancer diagnosis. Holland, who chaired the Department Psychiatry at Sloan-Kettering, dispels societal myths and beliefs about coping with cancer, from diagnosis, through treatment and beyond.

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    The author, a cancer survivor herself, understands that surviving cancer is more than just killing cancer cells and getting through treatment. She explores the practical issues and the psychosocial elements of recovery after cancer treatment that includes the emotional, social, spiritual and financial fallout of a cancer diagnosis.

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